Why Students Should Consider Dental Assistant School

Why You Might Make The Next Best Dental Assistant?

Dental Assistant At WorkRight Hand Man or Woman

A dental assistant is pretty much the equivalent of being a vice president, only the president, is a dentist. A job understood by just the title, you will be assisting, that is exactly what they mean. You are there to do everything a dentist can’t do on his own, soon we will go over what you might be doing. This is a hugely important job and without you, the dentist would not be able to do their job. The dentist and assistant are a first class unstoppable team. You have each others back and don’t forget it. Like the nurse is the right hand to the doctor you are to the dentist. It is important that you catch issues just like a nurse would.

Duties of the Job

What you will be requested to do really depends on the size of the office. If it is a one dentist office, it is almost a guarantee that you will be a one man band, just knock it out of the park. You are the one who sees that the patient is comfortably seated and relaxed in the dentist chair. You will run the x-ray machine, meaning you are responsible for putting spreaders into the client’s mouth. You have them bite down on the forms that are placed in the client’s mouth. You are there to hand them the instruments and keep the mouth dry and free from spit by using the suction vacuum.

Time to Teach

You are a teacher and it is your job to make sure the client understands how to take care of their teeth. This includes teaching about gingivitis, proper brushing and how to floss. You will also be advocating for staying away from drinks and foods that are not good for teeth and reminding them that teeth are closely related to heart health. You will be making sure that patients are scheduled into the calendar, that records are secure and perhaps even learning how to take care of the billing and payment options. You will also be polishing, apply fluoride treatment, sealants and possibly even medications to numb the pain.

Office Environment

The best part is that if this is the career that you chose you will be working in an office. Most things run smoothly and there is not a lot of stress. There is no lifting other than a file or two. You will most likely be working daytime hours although that depends on how things are run at any particular office. You will most likely work no more than four hours on a Saturday. Evening hours completely depend on the dentist you are working for. Dress is always scrubs and white shoes.

Degree Required?

This is a difficult feat because it really depends on where you are at in the United States. Some states do not require any education at all and then there are others who require a two year degree and passing state boards. Because it is not known which state you are in this will be something you will have to research on your own but most likely the maximum will be two years. Which is so worth it when you consider it. Even if you don’t need a degree you might want to consider it anyhow to give yourself a leg up on the competition.

Dental Assistant Salary

The average salary is right around $36.960 but that does vary widely based on which state you live in. Most of the time if the area that you live in is out in the country pay tends to be less than that of a big city. Any way you look at it, it is a good opportunity for you to go after if you are interested. The ratio between schooling to salary is actually not bad at all. Two years at the worst will help you get through it.